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Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
4:30 pm
crystal heart
Heart of Crystal

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
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Monday, May 17th, 2004
9:05 pm
hey any one know how to use a webcam over aim ?? or any other programs

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Sunday, June 15th, 2003
10:06 pm - I NEED HELP



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Monday, June 9th, 2003
11:26 pm - DEPRESSION GONE !! :O
Hey everyone who as ever read my journal ... and thought i was a freak or a loser or whyner ..not anymore

Iam complete .... ever dream of the girl ..that one girl who would change your life in the special way .. well i found her and shes great ..when iam around her ..WOW a girl who excepts me for who i am ..all the feelign of depression is gone ..gone i havnt felt it sence i met her .... its great ..shes on my mind all the time ..i also dream of her ... its cool .. i never thought i be able to spend hours talkign on the phone ...I LOVE HERE sooooooooo much ..... the cool part is she loves me and i can tell she does tooo

anyways guys ..lol i guess you wont her about my depressions no more ..now its going to be more exceting stuff ... and man i got lots to tell you guys ..nite

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Tuesday, November 26th, 2002
it was weird cuase in my dream i realized that iam not good at anything ... iam below average .in my dream it was like i was in dark space just standing their doing nuttin .and a mirror appaered out of no were .

when i looked in the mirror ,it was me "obviouse" but it was telling me ..how much i suck ...how i'am no good at nuttin ..your grades suck...you cant talk right around anyone ...you cant read correctly...your not good at sports...i dont even know why you wrestle when you know your not good at it .... your not going to succed in anything , your ugly your stupid ..girls will never like you ...NEVER!!!

through out that whole deal iam thinking to myself it's true i am a loser iam good at nuttin ..i am ugly i dont know how to talk .. i choke when it comes to girls ... they dont like me ..... then from their i just started asking myself questions like why do i have friends ..why they like me ...i think tomarrow iam going to ask them what they think of me
cuase after that dream i feel like a failor


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Monday, June 3rd, 2002
11:17 am - hey this is my journal
hey ,this is my journal hasn't been updated yet ..its new .this is were you'll read about the things i do everyday ..and maybe emotions that i mite want to let you read ..... if you want a live journal account tell me ..cause you need a code from me to join ....thx for comeing ...now i got to go update the rest of my site

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Sunday, May 26th, 2002
9:28 pm - my fucking life
i kinda notise i have no life. no life at all.like seriously tell is this a life. wake up dress to go to school .go through school then lift then go home to stare at a computer then sleep to do it all over again ....o then here comes the weekend even more !bullshit! wake up and star at a screen all day having ppl telling me what they going to do and what they did ...yeah making me feel alot beter ......... i dont even hang out much ........i lift ....why do i lift i dont know mmmmmm for wrestling cause i know its not to get girls cause girls dont like me either way they just like me as the big strong nice guy......sometimes i feel like not being the nice guy iAM .....going back to the quitwe agnoring everyone i know like they used to do to me when i was a kid........errrrrrrahhhhhh

now look its momarial weekend were iam home home FUCKING HOME like everyweekend .....while ppl i know are clubing going to abyss .... who do you sits in a room for 3 days listening to music laying in bed woundering what other people are doing wishing you could be their with them or wishing you could be "INVITED" .and then come outta your room for food and and to go to the bathroom and shower.

then i got friends but i got different kinds friends the ones you say hi to online and they never answer back ....the ones that you im and have somewhat of a convo and long convos that you only see in school or speacial acasions likea party ...but alovid hanging out with you ...then the ones that tell you everything their doing and never invite you ....or friends that you hang out with like 1 day and never see them again

you know theirs that saying ..."live your life to the fullest cause you dont know when your going to die"

but to me its like iam dead all ready

i soo wish i could be hanging out right now
just walk around and have this diegressing convosation
being in a club right now soo badly
or dring with my friends at their house
or even just drive around

anything better then what i do every freaking day

i just wish i was someone else but me ...................
someone whos cool everyone likes ...someone whos not afraid
someone who couls speak their mind someone who could keep up a convo
someone who can get that girl of their dreams

some people say iam cool.... iam the man ..... i wish i was big like you ... the nicest guy....... good friend ... best friend..........smart lol....... funny? ...... strong .... athletic ...... touth ..... and strong huarted only cause i have nuttin to live for ...............

but only if you knew what i was from the inside
scary.... lonely....alone....unwanted.....unloved ............

yeah well ..................... who cares

i swear i express my self in the most confusing way ......lol

current mood: depressed

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Friday, February 22nd, 2002
2:21 am
:( iam sadden by my last entrie i guess i lost all my fans ...... i was told i suck by a good friend of mine :( ...i'll get you bitch ....lol .........because you are the love of my life ....lol inside joke ...lmao......that song is stuck in my head god damn it .......lol..........anyways .........still no comments ,,,,,,,someone shoot me plz ...........ok iam off too bed

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Wednesday, February 20th, 2002
10:04 am
shit ......i guess no one likes me no more ....on my last entrie noone responded to my new entrie in like months ........ i'am sorry guys i promise to update almost everyday now ...lol

ok iam tired and need a shower ........ i saw brother hood of the wolf last nite wiith armando and omar ...... that movie was good

for thows who know how to read i advise you to go see this movie its fucking awsume

man i have this whole week off and i havnt done shit .mmmmm what to do today .i think i'll sleep some more ............

ok i hope you guys give me some comments .it would really brighten up my day lol

current mood: awake

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Monday, January 21st, 2002
8:58 pm - iam back ...wow it's a why'll
wow i havnt been here in months ...lol i wounder if u guys who read my journal are still out their ...lol ......i havnt updated in a very long time ..only cause i dont have the time ....cause of wrestling ....anyways hows it going ??? man i got to catch up read all your guys journals ..lol....hey i hope u all had good christmas ..news yrs ...lol ...well i got to go now ...but i promis i'll update at lest twic a week for u guys lol ..ok cya .hey leav some comments lol i havnt had one of those in a long time too lol cya's

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Saturday, November 3rd, 2001
6:43 pm

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Thursday, November 1st, 2001
1:28 am
guess what i got mad punched a wall right throught and broke a bone in my hand ,end of story ,armando youll hear the hole thing whenever u come over ,my grandma will tell u every thing .lol

i cant write ,cant do shit now iam pissed ,anyway

p.s. add dume asss to your comments plz

current mood: pissed off

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Sunday, October 28th, 2001
7:26 pm
god i havent been here in a why'll ,so whats up everyone ,lol

lets see last time i updated this thing was like a mouth ago,lol.i haven't done much sence then ,just same o same o.this week was very boring i've been coming home at 3:30 ,i didnt lift this week ,all i did was sleep and be online for a really long time ,and been dling music and stuff.

i just got done watching smallville for second time this week and i finally found who sign that song at the end of the episode today .it was WERE EVER YOU WILL GO BY THE CALLING ,and i really like it too ,armando dl the song ok ,if u dont already have it .well iam going to go back to sleep ,i had a very depressing weekend ,painting walls and other stuff lol dont ask lol .

current mood: sleepy

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Wednesday, October 10th, 2001
1:20 am
iam here doing home work ,lol yeah how lame. and i wounder why i miss the bus everyday

everyone download digital bath by deftones if u havent the song is awsome ,more like relaxing music to me ,lol

go to see slipknot on the Pledge Of Allegiance at 10-31-01 - Continental Airlines Arena ,its going to awsome not like at jones beach wher their were no mushpits ,so this time armando i'll promise to punch in the face ,lol

well nuttin much been happening in my life ,same as every other day ,hopfully some thing cool will happen " yeah ok "

iam going to get a hair cut tomarrow that the only new thing happenin with me

well let me get back to finishing my homework ,lol shut up

current mood: calm

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Friday, September 28th, 2001
1:01 am
ok whats with everyone being online for like hrs with out getting off , i think iam going to start that ,no iam not i got a dsl and iam not the only one to uses it , unlike other people with their T1 lines ,won't say any names (cough)melly lol .

awww i just had some apple pie with chocolate chip vanilla ice cream mmmmmmm yum yum ,lol .

i'am letting my hair grow out . yeah it'll look stupid at first but when i get it long enouh i'll straitin it ,or do some thing creative with it .

i want to go to the village ,i want more pants and cool shirts with words on it ,i like my voices t-shirt and everyone loves this one my "how to meet chicks" t-shirt . o yeah i forgot i almost got in troble for wearing this shirt everyone at my luanch table , wait no the awsomest if thats a word ,table ever .anyway i had it on for school today and one of the teachers in the hall saw my right should sleev ,and i was going to get in school but lucky for me i had a extra shirt in my locker . o yeah what was on my right sleev was a drawing of a stick figure with a big dick "don't ask i didn't draw it " i totally forgot it was their too ,lol . but i put it back on after school ,so it was cool

aw a friday and weekends nuttin better then going to parties ,drinking and hanging with friends , going to the mall ,going to concerts ,play pranks on people .

o wow , i do none of that shit ,lmao i'am a loser :( someone cheer me up ,hey like my new icon ;)lol

current mood: creative

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2001
11:47 pm
mmmmmmm??????......oops sorry, i'am trying to think of what to write i'am totaly out of words.

armando made me watch "enterprise" ,he's lucky their was nuttin else on tv ,or else iiiiii would still be watching "enterprise".

aahh, nobody online to talk to ,funny how armando is not online.
me and armando are going to try to get a job at columbia park thearer , hey its better then sitting at home :)

aw, my mom gave armando a ride home , after that she toke me to wendys to get fries ,then to mc a d's to get chicken sandwishes mmmmmmmmm yumie :)lol

aw yesturday was great i finaly slet ,i came home went to sleep at 630 woke up at 12 went back to sleep and woke up at 6 for school aww nuttin better,so iam going to go to sleep now if not iam going to be drewling all over my shirt like last time no joke lol shhh don't tell anyone lol ,ok iam ganna go to sleep .

current mood: creative

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Monday, September 24th, 2001
1:22 am - i never have a title to my entrie's , i guess this is a first ,lol
aaaaarrrggggg ,i dont know what to right,lol

i got a bio report to do tuesday ,o well i'll copy off my lab partner ,"i got a cool preety smart lab partner may i add":)

its set ,me armando and omar are goign to see sum 41 oct 14 13 around their sometime i think and then on holloween the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TOUR . its going to be great cause this time theirs going to be mosh pits . pleas armando try not to push the drummer from slipknot like last time ,lol u slam the bitch onto the floor gggrrr.lol.i know u would really love to do that right ?

oooo yeah armando slept over last nite we watched "momento" awsome weird ass back word movie ,"if want to know what its about just go to armandos journal he probly going to write the whole story lol.
after that we saw lost boys ,one of my favorits .the theme to it is awsome ,well i like it , cry little sister,daow shall not fall

ok iam bored and tired ,and i got to get up for fucking school ,ack

were is everyone no one comments on my shit any more , i think u scared them off with your stupid boring enetries "shut up "

current mood: sleepy

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Saturday, September 22nd, 2001
12:10 am
iam so freaking bored ,armando is working hope he come to my house after work ,we could do something , i feel lonely

school sucks even though its easy . my life is soo fucking boring now . its really stupid i do the same shit over and ober everyday .first i go to school sit in school till 3 get out lift or wreslte ,then go home eat and play a fucking game on my computer till 2 in the morning then i start the whole shit all over again . i fucking have no life and when wreslte seasion comes forget it .

iam a bum , your lucky armando u dont have much of life but shop right ,but still u got people to talk to once and a why'll and soon your going of to some collage or school to meet more people and then forget it i'll have no one . everyone will be in collage ,going to party's everyweek getting drunk doing other freaky shit if u know what i mean . one of my friends says she's drunk i really hope nuttin happens to her ,i hope her new friends take care of her too .anyways my life sucks and i hope this school year passes by fast cause i want to be with my friends again . hang out evryday even though its doing nutting ,its still cool to have um around u .

o yeah iam going to put up posters on my wall ,its going to be cool

current mood: lonely

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Thursday, September 20th, 2001
1:49 am
1:35and iam still up and i got school in the morning damn .

o well ,today i was hanging with mondy ,and he came to my house were we started talk to a may i say a lovely lady melly . we toke some pic's of oour selves with my digi cam ,lol,and we sent it to her ,hoped u liked them ..lol.. dont put it on the door or you'll scare your friends away.lol.. ,

anyway i saw the musketeers today also with armando and omar ,pretty good movie ,the only thing weird was ,i never knew people back then could jump around like a frog that cam out of the matrix..weird huh ?:\ ok its getting late and i dont feel like sleep during school .......armando u did do it uuu lie ....lol

current mood: sleepy

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Monday, September 10th, 2001
9:08 am - i missed school ,"iam a bad bad boy "
i miss school today "yes iam a bad bad boy",no iam not a bad boy i just missed the school bus and got tired of waiting for 20mins till next bus came ,so i went home

home sucks ,theirs nutting to do here but ,watch stupid tv shows ,or do something on the computer. o yeah armando if u read this b4 3 o'clock dont go to wieght room lol .god iam so bored i dont even know what to write

high school sucks ,but its the only thing that keeps me thinking and busy from 8 to 3 ,i cant wait till collage ,hopefully i make like lotes of friends ,so u know i wont be bored all the time

the cool part about today is that my mom didnt yell at me cause she stayed home from work ,so she really can't nutting lol ,ok i gotta go eat .

adios :)

current mood: bored

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