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i missed school ,"iam a bad bad boy "

i miss school today "yes iam a bad bad boy",no iam not a bad boy i just missed the school bus and got tired of waiting for 20mins till next bus came ,so i went home

home sucks ,theirs nutting to do here but ,watch stupid tv shows ,or do something on the computer. o yeah armando if u read this b4 3 o'clock dont go to wieght room lol .god iam so bored i dont even know what to write

high school sucks ,but its the only thing that keeps me thinking and busy from 8 to 3 ,i cant wait till collage ,hopefully i make like lotes of friends ,so u know i wont be bored all the time

the cool part about today is that my mom didnt yell at me cause she stayed home from work ,so she really can't nutting lol ,ok i gotta go eat .

adios :)
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