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i never have a title to my entrie's , i guess this is a first ,lol

aaaaarrrggggg ,i dont know what to right,lol

i got a bio report to do tuesday ,o well i'll copy off my lab partner ,"i got a cool preety smart lab partner may i add":)

its set ,me armando and omar are goign to see sum 41 oct 14 13 around their sometime i think and then on holloween the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TOUR . its going to be great cause this time theirs going to be mosh pits . pleas armando try not to push the drummer from slipknot like last time ,lol u slam the bitch onto the floor know u would really love to do that right ?

oooo yeah armando slept over last nite we watched "momento" awsome weird ass back word movie ,"if want to know what its about just go to armandos journal he probly going to write the whole story lol.
after that we saw lost boys ,one of my favorits .the theme to it is awsome ,well i like it , cry little sister,daow shall not fall

ok iam bored and tired ,and i got to get up for fucking school ,ack

were is everyone no one comments on my shit any more , i think u scared them off with your stupid boring enetries "shut up "
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