AloNeInDaRkNeSs (aloneindarkness) wrote,


Hey everyone who as ever read my journal ... and thought i was a freak or a loser or whyner ..not anymore

Iam complete .... ever dream of the girl ..that one girl who would change your life in the special way .. well i found her and shes great ..when iam around her ..WOW a girl who excepts me for who i am ..all the feelign of depression is gone ..gone i havnt felt it sence i met her .... its great ..shes on my mind all the time ..i also dream of her ... its cool .. i never thought i be able to spend hours talkign on the phone ...I LOVE HERE sooooooooo much ..... the cool part is she loves me and i can tell she does tooo

anyways guys i guess you wont her about my depressions no more its going to be more exceting stuff ... and man i got lots to tell you guys ..nite
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